Ice Cream

We offer a rotating selection of 24 certified organic ice cream flavors daily (12 dairy from Blue Marble© and 12 vegan from Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss©). So come in and take your pick! Make it into a sundae decked out with our vegan toppings, blend it into a milkshake or sandwich it between our homemade cookies. And guess what—many toppings, like our dark chocolate hot fudge and coconut milk whipped cream—are made right in house!

All of our ice creams are free from artificial flavors, food coloring, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides and other harmful chemicals. Our dairy ice cream comes from milk that’s free of the unnecessary hormones and antibiotics given to cows in conventional dairy operations and our vegan coconut milk ice creams are made with only the best-sourced organic and fair trade ingredients!